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After a Losing E-Mini Trade, Can You Keep Your Emotions Under Control?

There is certainly no shortage of articles pertaining to e-mini trading and emotions. While many of these articles are quite helpful, there are a slew of articles that are unhelpful nonsense. Typically these marginal articles suggest that you must rid your mind of emotions and trade in a “psychologically blank” state of mind.I don’t know about you, but trading creates a new wide range of emotions for me to consider. I am absolutely helpless in controlling my subconscious psychological reactions to mistakes that I have made or trades that simply do not work as planned. I have yet to meet a trader who is a without emotional response. For that matter, I’ve yet to meet an individual who is devoid of emotion.It is my contention that we all experience similar emotions in response to both successful and unsuccessful trades. The key to trading in a healthy of emotional state lies in how we deal with our emotions. I firmly believe that it is impossible to attain a truly emotionless state. A losing trade creates of frustration or disappointment and the there is little we can do to not feel these emotions. Conversely, a highly successful trade creates a feeling of happiness, contentment, and a sense of accomplishment. In short, we are not robots.That being said, I think that learning to manage our emotions is the key to trading with the proper psychological/emotional outlook. I have met few traders who, after a losing trade, go on a tirade of cursing and complaining (usually in a relatively high decibel range) that can maintain a proper emotional state of mind. For most people, I believe keeping our emotions in check is the best possible solution we can attain. On the other hand, the e-mini trader who goes into a euphoric celebratory rant is usually setting himself/herself up for all the problems associated with overly emotional trading. For a trader that has just experienced a disappointing losing trade, he or she may:• He or she may be tempted to take a “revenge trade.” No one likes to see those red numbers on their P and L total, and it is tempting to rush into a trade to get back to breakeven or better as soon as possible.• For a trader who has just lost a trade, there is a temptation to trade a higher number of contracts than normal, usually exceeding the risk parameters he or she has set up and their trading plan.• Up for a trader who has just lost a trade, there is a temptation to initiate a trade of all lower probability that he or she normally initiateOn the flip side of the coin, a trader who has just hit a great trade may:• A trader who has won several trades in succession may experience a sense of euphoria, which can lead to the mistaken thinking pattern of believing any trade the trader takes his going to be a winner.• Just like the losing trader, a trader on a hot streak may trade more contracts than his or her trading plan allows. After all, if you are hot… Why not maximize your earnings?• Also the similar to the losing trader, a trader on a winning streak may initiate trades of lower probability, thinking he or she will win regardless of the probability of that trade succeedingAs you can see, the trading result of the emotionally charged trader is the similar whether the trader is winning or losing and illustrates my point is that we all feel and experience similar emotions; it’s how we handle those emotions that differentiates between and he emotion driven trade and a well thought out trade set up. Invariably, the well-thought-out set up will produce superior results in the long haul. While we cannot control how we react, at the emotional level, to the consequences of a trade; we need to be in complete control (and critically aware) of how our emotions may affect trading decisions. We cannot rely on emotion driven thinking to make e-mini trading decisions; we must stick to our e-mini trading plan and make proper trading decisions regardless of how happy or unhappy we are with the previous trade. This skill evolves as a trader gains experience and trading acumen.

5 Brilliant Tips to Shape Your Move Most Amazingly!

The most traumatic aspects of the relocation are not the thought that we are moving but the idea that there will be plentiful chores to fulfill before the D-Day! You could be moving from Visakhapatnam to Hyderabad with the experienced packers and movers in Visakhapatnam but if you are following the wrong route to conduct the move, and not abiding by the ideal techniques for the same, you can never attain a successful move.
We often think about what went wrong with our house move, when we ensured everything is set right, but we fail to acknowledge the loopholes we left unattended along the way. Maybe, we started planning for the move much later, maybe we did not discuss our moving apprehensions and requisites with the moving team well enough, maybe we took things casually and our callous behavior towards packing and moving resulted in this failed moving experience – there can be thousands of reasons that we can list out that halted our move to not come out just how we thought. But in no way, does that mean our future relocations would not go the right way. There do happen mistakes, and there do come emergencies, but it is how we learn from them and traverse our upcoming path for ourselves.

Okay, so enough of this serious discussion. Let’s just lighten the entire relocation incidence by simply highlighting the key tips that will shape up your move in the most efficient way! Let’s check out!

• Follow the systematic way of relocation – Relocation becomes better and simpler the minute you choose to follow a route. If you have a well-planned route throughout the moving episode, things begin simplifying. But at the same time, one has to ensure that they are closing their to-do tasks timely and not procrastinating tasks for the next day. Otherwise, how can one manage the endless list of chores on the tasklist ahead of the move, right? So, just forget everything and follow a process that you will follow so you know how you are going with your move and at what pace are you progressing with the plan. Start with the de-cluttering task because it is the most important task and time-consuming at the same time!

• Keeping up with the time of the tasks – Moves are all about synchronizing all the to-do tasks in a way that everything falls into place. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of relocating? Isn’t it the tasks you are about to close? Is it not about the multitude of packing you have to do in your ‘packing goods’ errand? Well, definitely! But then what is the correct way out of this hassle? It is time management. If you do not set your hours aside for the packing tasks, how would you manage the packing chores from your entire household? You may have hired the professionals for the task, but wouldn’t there be some basic cleaning, dusting, sorting, de-cluttering, and packing tasks for you to pull off right in the beginning? So, just fulfill all of these tasks timely and prepare a clean and sorted household before the movers reach your place for the packing task!

• Seek complete assurance of packing – When we recruit professional movers, the first thing our mind thinks is that we are now sorted. But that is not how it is. The fact is something else. The movers may take away the responsibility of packing from us but we need to inquire the movers about the kind of packing and moving assurance that they will be able to offer us. Only when we are sure of their diligence, support, expertise, and knowledge, we can trust them with our goods. So, do not think that your role as a customer gets over the minute you find yourself a suitable mover. Rather, it only begins when you hire yourself a mover. You have to first, review the company’s background, go through the terms and conditions of the company, review the customer testimonials, etc. so you can finalize your tentative decision of hiring the company.

• Sorting the storage needs is important – With the packing of goods, customers do need to get the best suitable storage facility for the upkeep of their belongings. This is one reason why all the leading moving companies have both packing and storage services as part of their core services. But yes, since storage rates are quite high, one should be very clear about their decision of getting storage assistance from the company they have chosen. It is not that the company you hired for your packing requisites has to be the same to be booked for your storage requirements. That is not the case, you can pick up some other storage dedicated company for the purpose but you must review the terms and conditions, the pricing structure, etc. set for the same by the company before you come up with your decision.

• Ensuring packing is done perfectly – If you discuss your packing requirements for your invaluable belongings with the moving professionals, you can conduct the packing task pretty smoothly. The moving team would ultimately be taking care of the packing task, so you need not worry about the safety and security of your belongings but yes, the kind of packing and protection you want, the kind of handling you expect from the movers, the degree of protection you want for your belongings must all be discussed with the crew beforehand. Invest in quality packing supplies and purchase full-coverage moving insurance for the goods you are moving. You never know what the transit has in store for you, so why take risks? Just ensure your precious belongings get the needful protection to survive the transit without any damage or even scratch!

The moment we think of packing for a move, we are flooded with plenty of emotions from all over the place. There even comes a time when we start questioning our plan of relocation. But for your forthcoming Visakhapatnam to Hyderabad moves, we would say you should simply resort to the movers and packers in Visakhapatnam and breathe out all your moving worries to relocate effortlessly.

10+ Tips to Add To Your Perfect House-Moving Checklist!

Are you on the lookout for a perfect checklist that will encompass everything you will need for your next move? ¬¬Then believe that you are on the right page! For your Bangalore to Mysore move, other than a team of packers and movers in Bangalore, you will need a checklist or an agenda that will notify you of the things that need to be paid attention to!
We can help you out with that, since you are presently here with us, reading our blog! With the tips conferred below, you can make your move easy and timely!

• Know the opening rule – Before we move to the intricacies of the move and discuss the crux of the matter, know that you can make the most out of this spec if you begin organizing for the move significantly in advance. With a good amount of time in hand, you can work on the move facets meticulously, ensuring there are no chances of fallouts in the moving course.

• Integrate into the move – You will come across quite a few things in this post that you can assimilate into your customized moving plan. After all, you may not resonate with everything that we have put out below. So, just collect a paper and note down the pointers we have underlined for you. These tasks (responsibilities) if attended to on time can let you balance your move and have the best moving experience.

Let’s get into it: 1. Take the responsibility for the manageable tasks – Household packing tasks are conducted well when the responsibility is shared by both the customer and the moving team. So, the moment you get into the packing tasks, make sure you take charge of the controllable tasks that you can – like an initial assessment of goods, selling out old stuff, designing the moving inventory, and packing the simpler goods.

2. Evaluate and create a realistic budget for the move – After you have evaluated your belongings, you will have a fair idea of the cost you may need to pay for the moving of those goods. You can get rid of your stuff if you feel you are still moving surplus. Then create a practical budget for the move that effortlessly covers up all your imminent costs. Keep surplus funds handy to wipe out the chances of the shortfall.

3. Keep important records and papers in a folder – Designate a moving binder that sequentially keeps all your main documents in place. For instance, office papers, house registration papers, passports, health papers, insurance papers, transfer certificates, etc. Keep e-copies of them saved on your phone so you can show them to the authorities when required. Besides, the moving contract papers should be carried along.

4. Confirm a move deal that fits into your budget – If you are still figuring out moving options somewhere and researching facts about moving companies, you may switch your choice. At the end of the day, just remember to shortlist a moving deal that fits within your budget because even a sought-after, planned move goes pricy towards the end of the move. So, first, calculate costs and then book.

5. Stay organized throughout the move period – If you started planning for your move well in advance, you will see things happening effortlessly and the reason is you gave ample time to each of your chores and so, eventually, everything got attended properly. Therefore, whenever you begin working on your move, just focus on remaining systematized all through and see all your moving stress vanishing.

6. Give some time to the private (legal) house tasks – For the move, you will need to sort out important papers and see if everything is updated. Get your home insurance, and vehicle insurance renewed, and revise bank statements. Prepare house papers if you want to sell out the property before leaving. There will be a lot of work on that front, so figure things out early!

7. Ensure your new neighborhood has all amenities – It is good if you map out important details about the whereabouts of your new house before the move. Research schools, hospitals, offices, bus stands, railway stations, markets, etc. in and around your area so that you do not struggle to find them after your move. You can even visit the place with your family for once before settling in so you are aware of things to expect after the move.

8. Complete the remaining formalities of the new home – Proper inspection of the new house is primal before you and your family move in. So, do that. Even if you are moving into an entirely new house, it is vital to oversee everything for surety. Sign the papers of your new house and accomplish all the formalities on time so you can have a comfortable move. Keep the deeds, agreement papers, possession letter, and verification documents securely with you during the move.

9. Document all the key things/details in a paper – Relocation is one such episode of life when we have countless things in mind that we want to work on. There are major outdoor tasks, pending formalities, a list of purchases, goods assessment job, de-cluttering, etc. to work out. So, keeping note of moving specifics in a paper is highly advisable, and not just for to-do tasks but the things that you want to move should be added to a separate list.

10. Check off items/tasks from inventory/checklist – Once all the packing tasks are worked out, you should look over the designed inventory carefully to tick off the items that you or the moving specialists packed. Similarly, for the checklist of tasks, you should cancel out the ones that you have attended so you can track the progress of your move at every step. Keep the movers in the loop if you are attending to certain things on your end.

This comprehensive checklist is something that everyone planning out a move should have with them. It is like a book of information related to every facet of your move. So, refer to this specification and plan a seamless relocation with the movers and packers in Bangalore!